We are a Greek showcase and other exhibition and museum structure manufacturing company. With a tradition going back three generations, our company is active in the sector of archeological and artistic exhibitions and museums for a period of over 80 years.

Our showcases and structures have exhibited and featured archeological treasures in exhibitions performed in great museums of the world such as: the Greek National Archeological Museum, the Archeological Museum of Messenia, the Archeological Museum of Thera, the Archeological Museum of Brauron, the Archeological Museum of Schematari, the Archeological Museum of Pyrgos, the Diachronic Museum of Larisa, the Archeological Museum of Karditsa, the Archeological Museum of Heraclion, the Archeological Museum of Mycenae, the Archeological Museum of Saint Quiricus of Ikaria Island, the Archeological Museum of Thermos, the Archeological Museum of Pella, the Archeological Museum of Igoumenitsa, the Archeological Museum of Arta, the Acropolis Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens, the Byzantine Museum of Didymoteiho, the Byzantine Museum of Ypati, the Byzantine Museum of Areopoli, the Byzantine Museum of Kardamyli, the National Gallery, the Cycladic Art Museum, the Museum of the Bank of Greece, the Athens Historical Museum, the Asian Art Museum of Corfu, the National Modern Art Museum, the Greek Parliament, the Benaki Museum, the Islamic Art Museum, the Chatzikyriakos-Ghikas Gallery, the Gerovasileiou Wine Museum, The Department of Archeological Resources, The Athens Opera, the Industrial Gas Museum – Technopolis – Gazi, the Museum of the Asia Minor Hellenism, the Milos Mining Museum, the Thessalonica Sports Museum, the Mytilene Olive Oil Museum, The Sparta Olive Oil Museum, the Museum of Marble Crafts in Tinos, the N.&S. Tsalapatas Rooftile and Brickworks Museum, the Museum of the Patmos Holy Monastery, the Museum of the Samos Holy monastery, the Corfu Philharmonic Company Museum, the Ethniki Asfalsitikh Museum, the Athanasios Diakos Historical Museum, The Nafplio Gallery, the Aï Stratis Democracy Museum, the Kalokairinos Foundation, the Castle of Knights in Rhodes, the Solomos Museum in Zakynthos, the Averof Museum in Metsovo, the Mystras Museum, the Epidaurus Museum, the Castle of the Knights in Rhodes, the Folk Life Museum of Karditsa, the Philharmonic Company Museum in Corfu, the Marine Museum, and many others.

We implemented structures for archeological and cultural exhibitions in general in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Toronto, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, Melbourne, Venice, Palermo, Syracuse, Antwerp, London, Birmingham, Dublin, Plovdiv, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Strasbourg, Luxemburg, Paris.

Our close and long-term collaboration with specialized scientists, technicians, artwork restorers and technicians from every specialty, along with our hard, constant and exclusive work with this particular object of activities gave us the joy to successfully implement projects within and out of Greece.

We have the possibility to provide you with certified structures that we manufacture ourselves, timely and responsibly, that shall be adapted to your exhibitions or your museum’s needs.

We also have the possibility to create your exhibition or museum from scratch in close collaboration with you and our specialized partners. WE will grant you our support throughout all the stages of the project, starting by measuring your spaces and controlling its infrastructures, by supporting the necessary studies for the preparation of your exhibition, the lighting, the transportation, showcasing and placement of heavy or other demanding exhibits.

We are not simple suppliers, we are partners throughout all the stages of your project.

NOTE : The use of above pictures is exclusively for viewing showcases and special constructions,
which are manufacturing by our company, without commercial or economic purpose.